Specialty Cruises

Are you looking for something unique, out of the ordinary. Specialty cruises can be intimate or exploring new frontiers. Whatever you are looking for, the place to start is Klahani Travel. We will help you find the right cruise at the right price, with a positive experience that starts with planning your trip.

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic

A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is arguably the most exhilarating overseas adventure travel experience a person can have. Nothing else comes close to approximating its authenticity and all-five-senses engagement. It offers you the world’s ultimate, authentic expedition experience: Discover the planet’s most remarkable places, accompanied by experts able to illuminate all you see, and with cool tools to use to explore up close and personally. You are equiped for learning and up-close encounters. Explore your world for yourself, and to have meaningful, personal encounters with wildness.

Un-Cruise Adventures

Step on board and you’ll understand immediately. It’s the casual nature. It’s nature itself. It’s the rare encounter. It’s the attentive service, the fellowship, the extraordinary sense of place. Built on a reputation of quality and experience, each Un-Cruise Adventure features flexible voyages designed to satisfy your adventurous nature. Creating an unbeatable balance between exploration and relaxation, whether you’re traveling solo or as a family, Un-Cruise Adventures provide an irreplaceable way of uncovering hidden worlds and learning while having fun.

Compagnie du Ponant Yacht Cruises

For over 20 years now, COMPAGNIE DU PONANT has embodied the art of YACHT CRUISES, combining a sophisticated à la française lifestyle on board with exploration and discovery. These yacht cruises transport you to mythical destinations and secret ports only accessible to small capacity ships. Combining sophistication and conviviality, with priority given to authentic experiences, emotions and the ongoing quest for excellence. Attentive, professional, discreet and elegant, the fully bilingual service on board will meet your every desire. Compagnie du Ponant makes your experience an unforgettable one.

SeaDream Yacht Club

“It’s yachting, not cruising” - enjoy the difference. Here the philosophy of casual perfection runs through everything. With only 56 couples being pampered by an award-winning crew of 95, the level of attention and service given to each guest makes yachting aboard either SeaDream I or SeaDream II feel as if you are on your own private yacht. Teak decks, inviting seating and lounging areas with plenty of room to stroll or simply relax and watch the world go by with your favorite libation. Be as active or as relaxed as you like and take in the ultimate in luxury, privacy and pampering.